Adding Window Tint To A Used Ford Pickup

Having recently bought myself a new Ford pickup, I am now looking to add a few upgrades to it. When buying a used vehicle, it is not always possible to get the exact type of vehicle that I want, but this one is pretty close. All that is missing is the widow tint Austin, and I will take care of window tint next week. I’ll also be adding some paintwork to the sides to spice it up a bit. The color is flame red, which is by far my favorite color. While the size of the pickup means that I can bully my way in traffic.


Now I did not really need a pickup, the wife was telling me to purchase a family car, but as it was my hard earned money, I thought that the choice was mine. There is still plenty of room for myself, the wife, and our little one. In fact, I regard a pickup as being one of the safest vehicles for a young child to be in due to its height. I always ensure that my little girl is securely strapped in, and seat belts are used by all.

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